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Your First Visit

Foot Wise Podiatry Reception

Allow 40 minutes for your first assessment and treatment (subsequent visits are 20 or 30 minutes, as agreed will be sufficient for your needs). On arrival you will be welcomed by our receptionist, who will confirm your contact details, date of birth and your usual GP. If you have toddlers in-tow, we have a toy box and early reader books to help keep them entertained. Nemo the clown fish is very popular! You will be offered complementary tea, coffee or Ribena, if you arrive a little early or need to wait a short while.

What to wear

If you suffer from any difficulties regarding your hips, knees, ankles or feet, please bring your regular footwear with you, to your first appointment. That is, whatever you normally wear for walking the dog, doing the shopping and so on... If we need to consider the way which you are walking, then shorts or slacks should be worn - so that we can roll them above your knees when observing your gait.

Your medical history

If you have any medical conditions, please bring along a list of your medications, or a recent repeat prescription form. We need to be aware of your medications and long term medical status, in case your healing ability is affected.

We will discuss the history of any difficulties you have been having. We may discuss how your walking or sports activities are being affected, how medications may be affecting your situation and most importantly, how your footwear is helping (or not, as the case may be).

Record keeping and consent

We use a computerised records system, developed in the UK called Practice Pal. This is a web-hosted, secure password-protected system. Rather uniquely it allows you to make your own appointment bookings on-line at any time (click on the picture on the Home Page of this site). We also use discrete digital photography to record close-ups of any problem areas and to monitor their improvements over time. We are therefore registered with the Data Protection agency (PZ 9192868 September 2005). You will be asked to sign a consent form for any planned courses of treatment (ingrown nail operations, fungal nails and verrucae). Provision of your personal and GP details and your attendance is deemed as verbal, informed consent for simpler treatments such as corns and nail care.

As part of your treatment, particularly infections and long-term joint or pain difficulties, it may be appropriate to refer you to other health care professionals. If so, this is discussed with you at your appointment, as part of your planned future care. Such referral letters are included as part of your routine consultation fees (at no extra charge). They may include personal details, photographs and your consultation history, in order to justify the referral and to speed your ongoing care. Your verbal consent will be sought to the appropriate release of these details at your appointment.

Minors below the age of 16 years must always be accompanied by their parent or guardian.

Reception: Waiting Area


The picture shows the reception waiting area.


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